New products 2018/I (spring)

Automation System
New speed! item servomotors with absolute encoder only need one homing run. After that, the position of the carriage can be called up straight away, even if the system has been powered down in between uses.
New links! The I/O Interface Module (C Series) connects the signal cables from the system with the digital inputs and outputs of the item C series Controllers.
New hold! The robust Slide Stop LRE 8 ensures that the carriage stays within its permitted travel range during start-up and operation. It can be positioned at any point along the Line 8 groove of a Linear Unit LRE.
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Proximity Switch Set KRF NO

Proximity Switch Set KRF NC

Proximity Switch Set LRE NO

Proximity Switch Set LRE NO, plug-in

Proximity Switch Set KGT NO

Proximity Switch Set KGT NC

Slide Stop LRE 8

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